This project was from my third year at Philadelphia University. The project was to design the interior of a building into a book store based on the clients hobbies or interests. My client was a man concerned with the welfare of animals. He had traveled to protect and advocate on behalf of animals. The opening of the book store was to create a place where people with similar interests in the Manayunk, PA area could gather and volunteer ways to help animals.

From there I came up with the concept of building up nature while limiting the threats that animals have from the man-made world. The two main circles, seen in the floor plan, represent this idea. The larger circle represents nature and the smaller circle represents the “man-made” world. Section One shows the concept well with the larger circle engulfing the “man-made” circle.

The materials played a large part in the project. Many were chosen to be sustainable and environmentally conscience. The materials were also chosen to express the concept. The smaller circle was built with metal veneer to better represent the “man-made world”. While the larger circle was made out of recycled materials.

The Lion’s Den